The Rise of the Sharing Economy: IndieGoGo Campaign!

What can solve our economic woes while building community at the same time? The "sharing economy" is a new economic model based on accessing resources rather than owning them. It's really simple:

Let's say you need a pickup truck to move some furniture. Your neighbor lends you his truck, and you pay him for the time. Now, extend that model to anything and use web-based social networking to connect you with the entire world and not just your neighborhood. That's the sharing economy.

In a sharing economy, anyone can run a small business on the side, and you can have easy access to hundreds of things you never had before - without the cost, hassle and consumption of ownership.

We've got a lot more to tell you about the sharing economy and why it's the new model of the 21st century. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Pop over to our IndieGoGo campaign and learn more:

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