With Christmas around the corner, many of us will be considering whether to get a tree or not. But how many of us will think about where the seed for that tree came from and the conditions of the worker who harvested it in the first place? Probably not many. Fair Trees is on a mission to change that

DSC 0483The tradition of bringing an evergreen tree into the home to celebrate Christmas has been around for centuries in northern Germany and spread across Europe and beyond from the early 19th century. It is now an integral part of celebrations around the world.

A high proportion of the seeds used to grown the Nordmann Fir, one of the most popular types of Christmas tree, originates from Georgia. For the workers there, the risk of injury or indeed death usually comes with the territory. Climbing up 30-meter tall trees without safety equipment is normal and the pay is barely enough to survive on for one person, let alone a whole family. This is in stark contrast to the joy and festivity at the end destination of the tree that is eventually grown from the seed.

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