Scaling Up Innovations Framework - Discussion Document

Scaling Up Business Impacts on Sustainable Living:
Baseline Assessment Report

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This report provides a research baseline for scaling up business impacts on sustainable living, including introduction to relevant concepts, business model categorisation, Scaling Up Innovations Framework, scaling up strategies and success factors.

Scaling up of business impacts on sustainable living requires a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach. The Scaling Up Innovations Framework (see Figure below) is therefore relevant and can be applied to a range of stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, financial institutions, policy makers multi-national corporations, civil society organisations, and support organisations.

The innovations framework is not meant to be yet another method for measuring social/environmental impacts and triple bottom line performance. It was developed as a decision-making aid to develop a scaling up plan, rather than a method. The framework is therefore made adaptable to the needs of individual organisations and flexible to be applied at different levels (micro, meso, and macro).

The objectives of the Scaling Up Innovations Framework is to assist stakeholders to:

  • Identify and select sustainable living impacts and hotspots in specific communities or regions
  • Identify innovative approaches and associated business models to address sustainable living impacts and hotspots in specific community / region
  • Evaluate the added value and impacts of selected relevant business approaches
  • Define and categorize success factors for scaling up the innovative and sustainable business models in different contexts (e.g. regions, sectors, scenarios)
  • Provide practical examples of innovative and sustainable business models from around the world, including practical case studies and their contribution to sustainable living



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