Network Principles

The network principles provide the conceptional strain of the Global Network on Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The principles help to define the tangible assets of the Global Network (e.g. where does the Global Network stand for).

Draft network principles for discussion:

  1. Impact: Encourage the uptake and scaling up of innovative business models which contribute to a better planet (reduced environmental impacts), people (stronger communities and more sustainable lifestyles), and business development (e.g. employment, self-sufficiency).
  2. Economics: The economic benefits of business models go beyond profits and direct financial returns (e.g. from sale of products and services), but also include indirect financial gains through the sharing of products, infrastructure, and services (to achieve savings in expenditures).
  3. Consumers: Communication and interaction with consumers is key to scaling up innovative business models and facilitating more sustainable lifestyles. There is a need to strengthening the link between business and sustainable living, and how business can communicate and interact with consumers (WHAT they buy, HOW they use the products, WHAT they do when they do not need the product anymore (sharing, swapping etc.).
  4. Starting point: The consumers are the starting point for addressing sustainability hot spots and subsequent identification of business solutions to enable sustainable living.
  5. Integrated approach: An integrated and collaborative supply (products and services) and demand (consumers) approach is needed to make significant progress towards sustainable living. This includes the private sector (e.g. SMEs, large and multinational corporations, and finance sector), public sector (e.g. government, CSOs) and consumers (e.g. low, medium and high income consumers).
  6. Success factors: The Global Network targets on success factors relevant to the scaling up of innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable living, covering financial frameworks, technologies and infrastructure, supporting governance systems, behavior change, partnerships, and information.

We welcome your suggestions on these draft principles.
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