Business Innovation for Sustainable Scale-up (BISS) Project

Project overview

The overall objective of the BISS project is to identify and assess innovative sustainable business models and success factors for scaling up their impact on sustainable living. The project provides the foundation research and building blocks for the Global Network of Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The project will be executed in the period of May 2012 to December 2013.

Click here to view and download publications from the BISS project.

Key deliverables of the BISS Project include: 

Online platform (www.scaling-up): The BISS project will provide the basis for the development of the website of the Global Network on Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship (this website), including its interactive features (e.g. match-making, discussion forum, sharing tools). 

Workstudios: The project will deliver a series multi-stakeholder consultative workstudios to bring different stakeholders together to identify and review different scaling up mechanisms for sustainable entrepreneurial practices, financial mechanisms, and innovative solutions and partnerships. Workstudios will be held in Bogota (Colombia), Manila (Philippines), Accra (Ghana), and Berlin (Germany). 

Online webinars: A series of online instruction videos, interview series, and scaling up tool are developed to communicate best practices, share stakeholder experiences and knowledge. The central theme of these online deliverables is 'scaling up business impacts on sustainable living'.

Research: A scaling up innovations framework to analyse and screen business models representing innovative, sustainable solutions that can be scaled up and adapted to improve sustainable living in different contexts. It is anticipated that the Scaling Up Innovations Framework becomes a practical tool for strengthening the link between business and sustainable living, and how business can communicate and interact with consumers. 

The deliverables of the BISS project will be made available on the website of the Global Network of Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Project approach

The BISS project approach is presented in the diagram below.

Project team and sponsor

Project execution:

Project sponsor:

Contact details

For more information on the BISS project, please contact:

Dick van Beers, BISS project manager
Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production
Hagenauer Strasse 30, 42107 Wuppertal, Germany
Tel:  +49 202 45 95 8 - 16



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