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Please tell us about YOUR project, initiative, or business venture. For example, how does it contribute to sustainable living in your part of the world? What are your views on how to scale up or replicate the positive impacts? What are some of the challenges you face?

This discussion will help to create learnings for all members, and provide opportunities to connect with other members (and also non-members) working on similar initiatives.

We encourrage you to include a website link to your initiative. We look forward to hearing about your project/initiative. Thank you!

Dick van Beers

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Hello Everyone, I am Juana Camacho from Colombia and I am the founder of, a project that aims to bring sustainability into fashion design and education by sharing information, developing events and helping brands and students understand what this means for their work.

We were born in 2007 when we hosted our first Trueque Ecochic, a swishing event targeted to young fashionistas in Bogota. Since then we have had over 30 events, including fashion shows, conferences, concerts and the Trueques. We now want to become a consulting and training company to support students, brands and companies that want to truly commit to sustainability in this sector.

Diseño Sostenible (Sustainable Design)


Dear Networkers!


It is always a pleasure to say hello to you all; I would like to share with you another entrepreneurship initiative I recently got into which, by the way, is at your service.

We are based in Bogotá (Colombia), and we offer training services, consulting and product design from the perspective of sustainability. 

We also collaborate in implementing processes and methodologies integrating sustainable design in business, entrepreneurship and academics projects through products and services based on knowledge, creativity, innovation and participation. 


We will be very happy to assist you in any Sustainable Design matter.

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