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Please tell us about YOUR project, initiative, or business venture. For example, how does it contribute to sustainable living in your part of the world? What are your views on how to scale up or replicate the positive impacts? What are some of the challenges you face?

This discussion will help to create learnings for all members, and provide opportunities to connect with other members (and also non-members) working on similar initiatives.

We encourrage you to include a website link to your initiative. We look forward to hearing about your project/initiative. Thank you!

Dick van Beers

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We have taken on the #1 health risk in the World!   We have  a solution!

A key to the ultimate success of social entrepreneur is the creation  of an innovative new technology for solving existing global problems.

Our mission is to fight global malnutrition by nourishing the world with Real Food Technology supplementation while empowering and rewarding the lives of those who champion our cause.

My project is the Integrative Improvement Institutes Project. Its goal is to establish Integrative Improvement Institutes in all post-secondary education and training organisations in the world and introduce training in Integrative Thinking in schools. A draft plan for the Project is at .

The challenges we face in our economies and societies in our divided unsustainable world are perhaps greater than at any other time. These challenges have arisen because of how we have been trained to think, plan and act as individuals and how we have applied this training to the way we organise and govern ourselves. We have thought, planned, organised, governed and acted as though our world is comprised of parts which can be separately exploited by humans and managed by us from one stable state to another. We have forgotten we are just one species in a complex natural world. We have tended to act without a sense of wholeness - without integrity. Meeting these challenges will require new approaches to how we are trained to think, plan and act as individuals and how we are trained to organise and govern. These new approaches will need to be based on our current scientific understanding of our world and the human mind.

The Integrative Improvement Institutes Project directly addresses these challenges in a novel way. It is designed to improve the well-being of people and their physical, social and cultural environments through low-cost adaptive diffusion, refinement and implementation of a unique bottom-up Integrative Improvement (II) approach for achieving sustainable development.

II emphasises dynamic connections, relationships and interactions in line with our current scientific understanding of the world as tending to be self-organising with human beings whose minds are naturally integrative. II improves in a balanced, integrative and sustainable way the lives people already have. II involves training individuals in Integrative Thinking and complementary tools and encouraging and facilitating Integrative Governance enabled by technology in all government, business and civil society organisations. II progress is measured by indicators of well-being such as those included in the Sustainable Society Index described at .

I am working on a number of serious games that promote sustainability.

One of them is Green&Great game. It brings sustainability to life in a business context. It is intended for leaders, managers, consultants, business schools and civic organizations, both as a part of bigger seminars and trainings, or as standalone learning tool.

In the game, the players assume the role of managers in large consulting firms. Their companies compete for clients and seek to make a profit, while achieving social goals and reducing environmental impacts. By facing the consequences of their own decisions, players learn and experience the importance of business sustainability as a source of competitive advantage. The simulation closely matches emerging business realities, and the contents of the game can be modified to match a group’s specific situation and training needs.

Green&Great responds to an increasing need for companies to integrate sustainability management into “normal” management. Companies have to be more sustainable these days — that’s the lesson we learned from our research into recent business trends. But it’s still hard to change people’s mindsets. Even if the cause is good, the reasons solid, they have a hard time making the jump into this new reality. Green&Great is like bridge that helps them to cross this divide.
You can find out more about Green&Great at
Another game that I designed is "Lords of the Valley".
This game is supporting collaboration towards sustainability in a situation where there many groups with different, often opposing needs.
I am vary interested in using gaming approach for sustainability!

Social entrepreneurs dedicate themselves to solving the world’s biggest challenges through innovative new solutions and purpose-driven organizations. Social entrepreneurs leverage both the cash flow and technology-based solutions of their for-profit enterprises by linking them directly to existing not-for-profit organizations to create a new model for sustainable global change. The better they are at connecting the benefits of their solutions to the hearts and passions of the public sector, the greater their impact on the world will be.

I have included a video to understand Social Entrepreneur business platform for sustainability.

Marketplace Solutions; Sustainable Income.(Please watch at 2:51 )enclosed video.

We are a global network of communication strategists, marketing engineers, social scientists, and leadership advisors who collaborate to improve how businesses behave and contribute to society to build a better tomorrow.  We believe the relationship dynamics that exist between organizations, institutions, businesses, media, and people must evolve in order to deliver positive social change that supports the global sustainability agenda.

We provide social engineering services to organizations with a CSR or social sustainability mission who need to implement processes and develop communication strategies that shift behavior to maximize the desired output of integrated social systems. (i.e. businesses, brand relationships, social networks, industries, etc.)


Excellent approach. Would you like to consider turning my Integrative Thinking Course at into a game?

JITA seeks to create sustainable employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for a significant number of poor and extreme poor people in rural areas, with a special focus on women. Dignified employment and enterprise strengthening would allow these people to increase household income and attain economic empowerment. However, understanding that the challenges of poverty are multidimensional, the JITA seeks to engender social impact as well, such as improvements in the women’s social positions within their communities and their families. Their improved financial position helps the Aparajitas enjoy greater decision-making at home, making them less vulnerable to gender-based violence. The program has also proven that economic empowerment can lead to a higher degree of participation of women within society, able to influence major decisions in their surroundings, even those made outside the home. Increased participation of women in family decision-making has proven to result in significant improvements to family development and security. In a kind of ripple effect, improvements start with increased financial security, and move on to emphasize savings and investments in children’s education, health, nutrition, and hygiene. This shift in focus ensures sustained improvements in family well-being, especially in regard to continued education and literacy, and in establishing preventive measures against major disease outbreaks as well as resources to deal with negative impacts resulting from natural disasters. 


Hi Pitor, this concept (Green and Great) looks terrific...I I've not demo-ed yet, but will aim to do so. I've just launched a consultancy that aims to help business understand the value and opportunity inherent in the pursuit of sustainability - where strategy, innovation and change must converge - and I'd been exploring "gamifying" but hadn't uncovered anything exciting that approached the challenge from a business perspective.  I totally agree that it's really difficult for companies to conceive the opportunity, let alone act on it. Looking forward to learning more about the game. 

Hi Graham,

The games we develop challenge participants to make decisions in complex systems - and require to integrate social, ecological and economic dimensions.

They are intented to support the courses on systems thinking, complexity, sustainability or collaboration.

I think that you could use one of our games for your course.

Hi Janet,

We run free Green&Great sessions regularly. Here is the schedule:

Feel free to ask any questions!

Thanks Piotr.

Yes, it would seem your games would complement the tools I offer to help implement Integrative Improvement: Sustainable Development as if People and Their Physical, Social and Cultural Environments Mattered. I have noted your work for future reference and will draw the attention of others to it.

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