The LAUNCH Nordic Challenge 2015 invites you to submit your innovaiton

LAUNCH Nordic is a global innovation platform tackling sustainability challenges within the system of making and materials.

LAUNCH Nordic was created in collaboration with LAUNCH, a strategic partnership between Nike, NASA, The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and U.S. Department of State.

IKEA, Novozymes, Kvadrat and Nordic Government Institutions have joined forces to spearhead the Nordic effort to drive system innovation and help identify and scale sustainable innovations in materials.

The LAUNCH Nordic Challenge 2015 will focus on New Materials & Feedstock, which could include innovative approaches to lower the water and chemical consumption in production, use, and recycling of materials.

The primary activities and events in the LAUNCH Nordic process are illustrated below.

At the Big Think on February 25, 2015, approximately 30 subject matter experts from industry, academia and governments will provide ideas and insight to help shape this year’s Innovation Challenge.

The LAUNCH Nordic Challenge will be announced at the LAUNCH Nordic Summit on April 28, 2015. From April 28 to August 12 innovators from around the world will be able to submit their solutions that match the challenge.

Up to 10 innovators will be selected to participate in the LAUNCH Nordic Forum November 4-5, 2015. During the Forum, the selected innovators will present their ideas to the LAUNCH Nordic Council and will be provided with mentoring, networking opportunities and access to key investors to support them in bringing their innovations to scale.

Learn about our current Innovation Challenge on Materials here or our 2014 Challenge on Textiles, Fabrics & Fibers here.

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