Elin Sigrén turns porcelain scraps into jewellery fantasies. Each piece of found porcelain is ground into shape and set in a circle of shiny, thick silver

Her latest collection, Dining with Grandma, reflects Elin’s memories, transporting the wearer back to a childhood of Sunday dinners at Granny’s. She has used her craft to work two distinct looks within the collection: Duchess Garden, a bohemian line featuring pretty pink flowers, cute puppies and kitsch patterns, and Swedish Classics, made with famous Swedish patterns from the 1950s and 1960s – the golden age of porcelain design. Vintage buttons are also included in her collections, which Elin has collected obsessively for years.

Each piece in Elin’s collection is completely unique. In addition, she offers a bespoke service that will transform your unused family porcelain pieces into new and wearable heirlooms.

Read the complete article and watch the video http://sublimemagazine.com/fashion/the-golden-age-of-porcelain-relived

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