Hey Everyone,

I just came across an interesting initiative: Terracycle

I wonder if anyone has tried this out?

Are the chances of recycling or upcycling higher when I use this compared to bringing my waste to a conventional waste collection station?



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Dear Thomas,

Thank you for question! I have not tried it out, however, I do know that conventional waste collection is very basical and in many countries they just accumulate the waste in an specific place without making use of it.

These kind of initiaves such as Terracycle challenge the "normal" and the not sustainable waste management of countries or waste companies. Therefore, I believe that trying these initiatives can help pretty much.

In many cases the use of recycling might be more energy consuming at the beginning than producting new products, but we have to take into account that in many cases the amount of natural esources decreases constantly.

In the Berlin Worstudio (4-5 November) we had presentation of Mr. Peter Mitchell about Waste and Resources Action Programme (Circular Economy Topic). He handle these topics in a presentation that you see by clicking here. He works for WRAP UK - http://www.wrap.org.uk/.

I hope this helps you further Thomas.

Best regards,


Hi Thomas,

So cool you mention this. I have been in contact with Terracycle offices of Buenos Aires, Mexico and Sao Paulo. Also when they came here to Bogotá.
On page 34 of the PDF below:
http://www.avianca.com/es/documents/informe% 20of% 20resposabilidad% 20Social% 202011.pdf

And on page 105 of the PDF below:

You may find some bags that we developed (using lifevest materials) in a project from the social innovation and inclusive business perspective, also applying the concept of upcycling.
Depending on the material, upcycling is a much better option than recycling (for example, some polymers)

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