An inspiring insight into the lives of go-getting, risk-taking pioneers who are drawn together under one common goal: to close the chasm between luxury and sustainability

Social entrepreneurship was, to my mind, an ambiguous term that hovered elusively in the distant domain of business and enterprise. Seeing as it has been circulating the public agenda since the 1980s, it is essential that we revisit social entrepreneurship with a twenty-first century perspective in order to understand its value in today’s society. Sustainable Luxury presents the subject in an inviting and practical way, bringing synergy between two supposedly opposite concepts.

Social entrepreneurs are visionary, innovative people who, in alignment with their own personal beliefs, seek to transform society and bring about positive change. Unlike business entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship aims to maximise social gain rather than profit.  

Sustainable Luxury features nine different case studies, including interviews with each of the founders. The Foreword is written by Oskar Metsavaht, founder and creative director of Brazilian fashion brand Osklen.

The pioneers documented in the book demonstrate unwavering confidence and a sheer determination to make a difference. Not once were they willing to compromise their passion for the planet. These ambitious individuals have proved that transforming waste into luxury is entirely possible. Given that high-end products come at a considerable social and environmental cost, it is no wonder that sustainability is becoming an increasingly attractive philosophy to the modern-day consumer.

‘Luxury is no longer about the monetary value of goods or services. Luxury is being redefined as quality products or services that generate the most benefit to all involved in its production and trade’

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