Short electronic survey - Dialogue events on eco-innovation along the value chain

greenXpo will organise a series of dialogue events among industries (SMEs and larger industries), business associations, R&D organisations, and relevant policy institutions.

These dialogue events will take place in second part of this year. CSCP is a partner in the consortium of organizations executing the greenXpo project.

The objective of stakeholder dialogue events is to create awareness for the superior greening potential of value-chain-level eco-innovations. During the event, success stories of high-impact eco-innovations will be presented and discussed and success factors for implementing value-chain-level eco-innovations will be validated.

We will invite stakeholders in the private and public sector to complete a short questionnaire to assist us with gaining a better understanding of the information and dialogue needs in your sector.

We kindly request you to fill this questionnaire, which will take you approximately 10 minutes. Your responses will only be used for the purpose of the greenXpo project, and individual responses will not be made public.

We thank you in advance for your interest and helping us to scope the greenXpo dialogue events.

Follow this link for the survey:

For any questions please contact

Rosa Groezinger
Project Manager


greenXpo project website:

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Hi Ahmad,

Very interesting: with some colleagues we have talked, with concerns, about possible differences that may exist between "value chain" and "life cycle". Is it not the same in essence?

Thanks Lucas for replying the survey. We appreciate your input!

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