Welcome all to the global network! Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from, and your interests.

I will start. My name is Dick van Beers. I am working at the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Wuppertal, Germany. More info on my background is available from this link. My key interest is to engage with people from around to world to make a contribution to scaling up the business impacts on sustainable living.

I am the manager of the network. The Global Network was launched at the Rio+20 Sustainable Development conference in June last year. The website became online in October last year. We populated the website with information which is hopefully of interest to you. From now onwards you will see increasing interactions on the site, and ongoing new features. Watch this space... 

We are at the start of a journey, and welcome your suggestions and input into the network. Let us know in your introduction what other information we can help you to find on the network

I look forward networking with you, and getting to know you better.

Dick van Beers

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Dear members,

my name is Heinz-Gerd Peters and I work for the Deutsche Telekom Group based in Bonn, Germany. I have been working within the Corporate Responsiblity department now for round about three and a half years, especially on topics like climate change, carbon management, sustainable supply chain, sustainable investors, products and sustainable innovation. Before I changed to the CR department I had been working for the procurement department of Deutsche Telekom, where I was - beside the responsibility for a commodity - also responsible for the development of a sustainable procurement strategy and some standard processes around it. I am generally interested in developments around sustainable innovation and intrapreneur/entrepreneurship.

Looking forward to share ideas and best regards

Heinz-Gerd Peters

Hi all! 

My name is Ranjan Ojha, originally from Nepal but based in Copenhagen Denmark!

Currently, i am writing my dissertation in ''Social Entrepreneurship'' for my International Business and Management MSc. degree. I also have academic background in International Development Studies and also have Diploma in Leadership and BA Honours degree in Strategic Management.

Apart from the academic life, I am the founder and project director of 'Nepal Music Festival'
(www.nepalmusicfestival.org ) and have been engaged as VP of Global Medical Aid Denmark and also have served as president of the Nepalese Students Association Denmark . 
I have performed range of volunteer and social related works and have been organiser of various social events - both in Nepal and Denmark!

I Look forward to engage with you all in more interesting and constructive dialogues, and ''Hope you'll join NMF one Day (J.Lennon)''! :) 

God Bless All!

Best and sincere greetings,


Hi everyone,

My name is Alejandra Téllez. I’m from Bogotá, Colombia. I studied Business Administration and I did a Master in Environment and Development. I work in a consulting firm that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility CREO (Builders of responsibility and organizational ethics  https://www.facebook.com/creo2006?fref=ts) There we advise different companies in issues of Social Responsibility. Also, we have develop formation programs for employees interested in developing the subject inside their organizations. We have the philosophy that “together we create sustainable spaces”

I’m looking forward to learn about your experiences and contribute whenever I can.


Bienvenida Alejandra! Un saludo desde Bogotá también! Andrés


Dear Members,


my name is Roald Koch, based in Berlin, Germany and working with Berlin Partner, the Berlin State Economic Development Board for more than 8 years. Berlin is dedicated not only to meet the different climate change goals given by EU and the German Federal Government but we wold like to offe business opportunities to companies from abroad to use Berlin as a test bed for their products or to even start their companies in Berlin. In this respect Berlin has made a good development in the last years.

My focus is on energy and transportation topics and would be happy to share information with the other members in this group.



Hello to everyone in the community,

It is a pleasure to be part of this great Network and have the opportunity to share ideas, knowledge, events, among others, about sustainability in our lives.
My name is Lucas, from Bogotá (Colombia) I do research on integrated solid waste management, and consulting on various environmental issues. I also teach in Sustainable Design.

I'd love to share with you, and learn also on the way.
I hope we keep in touch, cheers!

Bienvenido Lucas!! seguro que su contribución va a ser relevante para la red y para Colombia!




Hola Andrés,


Muchas gracias! Espero así sea, y espero también aprender mucho.

Vengo siguiendo en las redes sociales a la AIS hace tiempo, ¿está vinculado a ella?



Hi everyone,

My name is Anton, B.Eng Comp Engineer @ McGill University. I'm a technology entrepreneur looking at helping to scale and grow the 'sharing economy' industry. We have successfully launched and funded a coll-cons start up call Kutoto based in Montreal, Canada.

I'm looking forward to networking, answering any questions you have about the space, and sharing ideas on where the industry is going.



My name is Bill Breeden and I am Company Secretary and Project Manager of Skills 4 Holme which is based at Holme On Spalding Moor , York , UK.

Skills 4 Holme is a Training for Employment initiative for young people in the main but we also have a contract for delivering a Work Club and introducing the internet to the wider community.

In addition to manufacturing products for sale and undertaking contract grounds maintenance thereby creating income streams , we have a committment to re-use of furniture,electrical goods,carpets and wood thereby reducing landfill and again generating income..

I am 67yrs and spent a lifetime in local government and after retirement,in the voluntary sector as Director and Company Secretary of charities dealing with housing for people recovering from mental illness.Credit Union,community regeneration and furniture recycling.

In local government , in the eighties I worked through various government initiatives to reduce the effects of unemployment and used ERDF?ESF funding for major initiatives including a Business Innovation Centre in a metropolitan County and an employment initiative creating and expanding small firms in a metropolitan authority


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