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I would like to introduce myself and the innovation being routed through me. I am a 43 yr old recently retired officer of the Indian Army. These plans envisage an effort of ex-servicemen of the Indian Army in Bihar state in India.

In the opinion of specialists and experts in matters of the Food Security of India; a massive (dramatic) increase in the number of agribusinesses in the fertile plains of Bihar state in India; would greatly reduce the wastages of agricultural produce grown in the large area of the state; and would significantly raise the Domestic Agricultural Production of India - spanning more than 94,000 SQ Km.

The 'Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Agriculture Society' of ex-servicemen of the Indian Army has been formally registered with the Government of Bihar state in India with the Mission of ensuring a dramatic increase in the number of agribusinesses in the fertile plains of Bihar state. Details of the plans of this Society - as in July 2014 - are given in its website jjjkas.in.

Broadly, this Society has been planned to be sustained on the strength of its visible benefits of enhancing the food security situation of India by ensuring an increase in the number of agribusinesses in the fertile plains of Bihar state from sources of funds across the world.

This effort has been structured to remain in existence for all time on suitably modified (Military) means of management. Elaborate plans for the First Three years of this Society have been prepared on the ASSUMPTION (FAITH) that a sum of INR 100 Million to INR 250 Million - equal to USD 2 Million to USD 5 Million @ 1 USD = 50 INR - would be available with the Society for its activity in this period. 

With these funds; the Society plans to ensure the existence of minimum 150 agribusinesses in the period (of three years. The PROPER plans; coupled with Strict (Military) systems of accountability in this direction have evolved through me over the more than 12 years since I came in contact with the teachings of HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Founder of the ''Art of Living' - AOL) through which he tries to inspire all Human beings to take responsibility for their Society. 

Presently,, I am busy in participating in all types of Social Business Plan Competitions requiring my physical presence in India. If this network could be instrumental in helping this Society to get its initial funding; this Society (I, retired Major Arun Kumar Jha, 43 years) would be highly grateful.

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