Welcome all to the global network! Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from, and your interests.

I will start. My name is Dick van Beers. I am working at the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Wuppertal, Germany. More info on my background is available from this link. My key interest is to engage with people from around to world to make a contribution to scaling up the business impacts on sustainable living.

I am the manager of the network. The Global Network was launched at the Rio+20 Sustainable Development conference in June last year. The website became online in October last year. We populated the website with information which is hopefully of interest to you. From now onwards you will see increasing interactions on the site, and ongoing new features. Watch this space... 

We are at the start of a journey, and welcome your suggestions and input into the network. Let us know in your introduction what other information we can help you to find on the network

I look forward networking with you, and getting to know you better.

Dick van Beers

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Dear members,

My name is Daniel Duarte. I am a student of Economics at the University of Cologne, Germany. I come from Bogotá, Colombia and have been living for a while in Europe. I work at the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Wuppertal, Germany.

Networking is a basic part of life. We all want to share our ideas in order to develop projects. I am an assistant of the Global Network, who hope to get you all involve in discussions.

Looking forward to share ideas!

Dear Members,

I'm Michael Vollmann, I work for Ashoka in Berlin. There I am responsible for international projects like the Ashoka Globalizer www.ashokaglobalizer.org where we prepare Social Entreprneurs around the challenges of scaling their social impact.

I completed my studies in International Culture and Economic Studies at Passau University and Universidade do Estado de Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) with my Diploma thesis in cooperation with Ashoka about "Parameters for Social Entrepreneurship in Germany". During my studies I founded a student movement to foster students teaching students events in the fields of development cooperation and migration at his university. What is more, during my community service in Chile and Bolivia I gained deep insight in the field of international development cooperation teaching at a professional school. 

Hello members

My name is Kate Berrisford. I am the founder and director of the Green Africa Directory, which is an online network that promotes and connects sustainability organisations and initiatives across Africa. I am from Cape Town, South Africa.

I have degrees in law and environmental management and have worked predominately in the international environmental NGO sector. I have experience in environmental communications, project management, event coordination, teaching, volunteering and have worked in and travelled to quite a few countries around the world.

I am keen to network and engage with members about sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in Africa. 

Hello members

My name is Glen Corder. I am a chemical engineer with experience in the mining, minerals and oil/petrochemical industries and currently hold two positions – Development Manager for SUSOP Pty Ltd and Principal Research Fellow with the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, the Sustainable Minerals Institute, at the University of Queensland.

Over the last 10 years I have worked in the area of responsible resource use and processing. Key activities have included developing and applying sustainable development methodologies and toolkits for the minerals industry and practically orientated approaches for realising waste and by-product exchanges between industrial operations.  An important outcome from this work is SUSOP®, which is a new sustainability opportunities and risks framework conducted predominately in the early phases of industrial projects (mining, chemical, energy, oil and gas).  Dick was a key part of the industry and research collaborative team that developed SUSOP.

My current interest is on developing a better understanding of the environmental, social and community opportunities and risks in resource projects and how this can lead to those projects making an enhanced contribution to sustainable development.

Looking forward to interacting with the members of the network.




Hello everyone~

My name is Deng Yang and I am from southern China, which is quite accurately located on the map at the homepage. I had my bachelor study in China, majoring in Environmental Science and minored in Finance. I had a short experience in working in the banking sector before graduation, then I took part in the Joint European Master of Environmental Studies programme in 2011. I am at the last semester of my master study and having an exciting internship in CSCP right now and starting my thesis work soon.

I am curious as well as excited about this global network as it's growing and breeding ideas by bringing together various brains. I am interested in sustainability driven innovation, from products design, processes to business model and lifestyle. And I want to see how sustainability opens a door to inspiriing activities everywhere.

Look forward to sharing ideas.

Hey everybody,

I'm Martin Herrndorf, and I've co-founded the COLABOR | Raum für Nachhaltigkeit in Köln / Cologne, Germany, a shared office and co-working space for sustainability pionieers and social entrepreneurs. I'm working on a range of sustainability / inclusive business issues, and have been with the CSCP some years ago, and continue to be active in oikos (as an advisor to oikos International and oikos Cologne).

Kind regards,

Hello every body!

My name is Irene Sanfiel Arriaga, I am a project manager working now in Eco design projects, focusing some of them in African Market with www.makineco.com, a project created with Karolina Perrin, polish designer. We do eco branding, we are also a consultancy in eco design and eco solutions for companies.

We also work with service design and sustainable solutions for projects.

I have manage projects for 10 years in culture, arts, R&D&innovation with the Universities of the Canary Islands, and I worked for 1 year at the Economic and Commercial office of the Embassy of Spain in Accra, Ghana, where I made some economical reports of the Country and consultancy for some spanish companies. 

I am mainly focus in innovation/ecology/design/arts/culture with international market proposing projects and events around the world (some of them in Africa).

I am very happy to join this network where we could share some know how to create a better and sustainable world and to connect with people to develop international and why not local projects!

Now I am set in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

Dear all,

I am Andrés Rozo and I am very excited to exchange thoughts and experiences on sustainable entrepreneurship with you! I live in Colombia. I support the activities of the CSCP in Latinamerica and also I run my own organization called Academia de Innovación para la Sostenibilidad: www.academiasostenibilidad.com . Through the Acadamia I want to support the development of a promising entrepreneurial ecosystem in my region, Latinamerican. To do so, the Academia converts and disseminates case studies, best practices and theory on sustainable consumption and production into capacity building and information instruments, specially in spanish language. I am happy to get to know your cases! 

Regards from Bogota,


My name is John Cross, I am the Director of Recycling Solutions Pty Ltd Australia, I am currently in the process of gaining global markets for my range of plastic bottle crushers.

Our goal is to give business and people the benefit of volume reduction of recycling products, this will help to make recycling more sustainable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, whilst reducing landfill rates.

We have just launched a new website www.plasticbottlecrusher.com and will be giving regular recycling tips and updates on the website.

We are interested in working with people and businesses from all over the world that want to achieve a more sustainable recycling industry whilst increasing their profit margin.

We are just starting to build our business and look forward to any participation from interested parties.


John Cross


Dear Members,

I am currently based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I qualified and trained in Organisational Psychology working largely as a Specialist in Organizational and Human Capital Development until setting up a small consultancy company, incorporated in 2009 in South Africa. I completed my tertiary studies at UCT and WITS in South Africa.

I took a ‘sabbatical’ from the consultancy business in September 2010 to embark on studies in Germany in the area of Sustainability Management. Upon completion of those studies and undertaking some short work assignments, I returned to my native country Zimbabwe and since January 2012; consult and offer strategic support on ‘sustainability’ issues as a Sustainability Practitioner. My areas of interest are Corporate Sustainability, Transformating innovation in products and services.

Upon returning from Germany, I implemented a 6 month Transfer Project phase: Triple Bottom Line Impact Guide for Projects which looks at evaluating the sustainability aspects of a Project. For further information, visit - http://nfactorialconsulting.com/guides. The Guide has now been published online and has been translated into Spanish and German.

I am excited about engaging with like- minded people in the area of economic and social reform, innovation in products and services in the sustainability space.

I look forward to future exchanges.


Dear Members,

since 2009 I am President and Ceo of Progetto Manifattura (www.progettomanifattura.it), a company established by Trentino Region’s government with the mission of re-developing an old industrial site to host an “innovation hub” on green and clean technologies. Project Manifattura, a green innovation cluster, aims to create a space in which to experiment, create, and exchange knowledge and innovation methods in the environmental and energy sectors. Young professionals and new companies offering energy or environmental technologies and services can grow using Manifattura’s offices and production facilities and networking friendly spaces.

From 2003 to 2008 I was Commissioner of the Autonomous Province of Trento in charge of research and innovation, internationalization, territorial pacts, relationships with EU Commission. In this role I promoted a major legislative and organizational reform of the research and innovation sector. I also promoted several initiatives in the area of clean tech, as the Italian Green Building Council and the “Habitech” cluster of green companies.

I sponsored and actively supported, as chair of the Advisory Board, the set up of OECD Trento Center on Local Development, the Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI), and the MIT-FBK Green Home Alliance.

I was actively involved in the start-up team of the Trento Festival of Economics, a major national event on economic topics .

In 2009 I was appointed Ceo of Euricse, the European Research Institute on Cooperatives and Social Enterprises. Euricse’s mission is to promote knowledge development and innovation for the field of cooperatives, social enterprises and other nonprofit organizations engaged in the production of goods and services. The Institute aims to deepen the understanding of these types of organizations and their impact on economic and social development, furthering their growth and assisting them to work more effectively. 

Looking forward to networking with all of you!


Dear members,

Greetings from Sydney - my name is Damien Giurco and I lead research on Resource Futures (minerals, energy, water) and Industrial Ecology at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney.

As part of a collaboration with CSIRO we developed Vision 2040: Innovation in Mining and Minerals looking at future innovation in resource extraction, governance and stewardship in Australia. I'm interested in urban mining and how changes to production and consumption will change the geographical scale at which seek to 'close the loop' and the concept of 'leasing' instead of 'selling' metals.

A second area of interest is in smart water metering in cities - what does it mean for utilities, customers and will it bring us closer to a sustainable urban water future?

Thanks for growing the network Dick.

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