I have found myself very involved with this "controversial" issue.  Exploring each sides' opinions, information, whether pro or con. In my opinion, and from facts that I believe are true, I have engaged myself along with others to investigate this further. The issue of weather modification is very real, one in which I am hoping the President will address during his talks about Climate Change.

All events, in regard to weather modification and climate change, are pointing the population, agriculture, and life on earth, to a downward spiral. There are many resources in which to verify these happenings, beside the obvious in our skies.  After finding many websites, articles and journals that point out how our atmosphere is being effected, I personally can not sit and do nothing.

It is very frustrating trying to justify a cause, where others do not even believe your concern exists.  Unfortunately, I believe that the majority of our population is engulfed with their own "here and now" mentality.  Not looking toward our futures, our childrens' futures, or how much of a future one may have. This is something that I am concerned with.

I started a petition to the President, which did not reach its goal of 100,000 signatures in 30 days, by a long shot. (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-geoengineering-and-p...). Now, I have created another petition in the hope that it will reach its goal. (https://www.change.org/petitions/president-of-the-united-states-we-...). Beside taking these 2 avenues, I started a project of my own within my companies internal website, set up a Twitter account based upon this, linked all of these to every type of social media, joined groups involved with geoengineering, and still have a difficult time reaching the masses. Yet, I have no intention of quitting because what I am finding alarms me.

Our earth will reach its maximum sustainability at some point in time. We are depleting its resources from every direction. So, some may not believe in my cause nor support it, but if our futures are at stake I intend to continue my efforts, my polls, my petitions, or whatever it takes.

Thank you

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Hi Ann,

Admirable what you have done, thanks for sharing.
A couple of questions:
- What have you found alarming in your research?
- How do we know that the turning point in the Earth's ability to support our lifestyles was not passed some time ago? I have asked this question to my students... shocking question.

Thank you Lucas for your interest, I do appreciate it! I have been involved with several groups, one of which is SkyderAlert.com. (http://www.skyderalert.com/). Within this link is an app that you can download that gives you the ability of taking photos of chemtrails, then sending them to your local government.  I have done this many times, and have received emails in return.  There are people all over the world who are involved in this, it is very "eye-opening". One other source, and controversial spokesperson, is Roxy Lopez.  She is a huge supporter/petitioner, and can be found through Google, or through LinkedIn.  I would urge you and your students to listen to her interviews, pros and cons.  There are many other publications and papers written that I am subscribed to.  Some are as follows, (http://paper.li/Chemtrail_Watch/1324362937), (http://csglobe.com/), (http://www.pakalertpress.com/),(http://www.google.com/landing/cop16... where these may give you more information than you may be looking for.  There are more, if interested.  All of these have alarming findings, some of which are new to me.  Personally, I started a project within a site based within my work group.  I have many postings there as well, which I would happily share.

The question you ask about the Earth's turning point being passed already is a shocking question and one which I really have not thought about, to be honest.  My thinking would be this has only happened during the past historic ages so far, such as the prehistoric ice age and ages past.  Reasoning behind this, I feel, is that we still have palatable water sources that do not need filtering, or much.  The earth also has forestation that has not been depleted, yet, to provide photosynthesis that we need so desperately. The carbon output, especially from China, I believe will be one of our largest determining factors in the very near future.  If our President does not commit to our Climate Change bill, I am afraid our children's futures look bleak.  If you read my links on Geoengineering and Chemtrails, you will find that our skies are not only being polluted by carbon, but other heavy metals as well.  The combination of which is, or could be, deadly.

Thank you again for your interest.  I look forward to hearing back from you and responses from your students.

Hi Ann,

Interesting what you mention and I must say I am completely ignorant about it.
If I understand the phenomenon itself is confirmed by the IPCC, is it not? Any other scientific institution has confirmed it or is still a conspiracy theory, for example?
The funny thing in this discussion of the limits to growth is that when we no longer have forests, or water, it might be too late to take action, and this is something sometimes make the process difficult at strategic levels of organizations and governments.

Thanks for the information, I will consult it and share it!

Hi Lucas,

Yes chemtrails, and/or the making of, have been confirmed.  In fact, one initial article that I ran into was what disturbed me the most and got me interested in the subject. Google Project Cloverleaf and see what you find. As you mentioned, many people do believe that this is a conspiracy theory, but the more I research it, the more I am convinced that it is not a theory.  There may be several "theories" behind this happening, but I believe what we see in our skies are not natural.  They are man-made and not for the good of human kind.

I can only hope that we are not too late to take action. We, you and I may not be here to see 2050, we can hope that there will still be a growing, green earth to share at that time.

Thank you Luke, it's a pleasure to have a nice conversation!

Hi Ann!

Thank you, it is a nice conversaion indeed!

Well, I would like to be there to see 2050, hehe, would you not agree?

While humans throughout history have been more of reacting to a phenomenon, rather than preventing it, I think Iwe will be able to change the course of our development to ensure the continuity of our specie (personally I do not see our planet as as animated shorts show us, like "Animatrix" or similar) The only that worries me is that, unfortunately, people will continue dieing in the process as we have seen. The human being is not as fast as we want to make certain decisions.

Do you know the story "Boiling Frog"?

No, I am not familiar with the story "Boiling Frog".  I would be interested, and will see what I can find about it.

I did just Google the topic, and the meaning is fitting:

"The whole inference of the frog metaphor for organizations is that we as a whole should try and identify the threats of our survival at an early stage when we still have time to plan rather than react to that particular threat; which will be too late. Furthermore, we must also learn how to reduce our threshold of change in order to be able to identify smaller changes that are occurring in our environment."

Please keep in touch Lucas.  I would like to know if you present this topic to your students, and hear what they may have to say.


Hi Ann,

Great you searched it in Google, nice story, isn't it?
You can also search for the following text an anthropologist, Marvin Harris, wrote some time ago "Cannibals and Kings", where it says something that we talk about here. Most of the time our specie has been on Earth, we have sought to meet needs in the short term, not in the long one.

Sure we'll keep in touch.


Lucas Ivorra Peñafort said:

Hi Ann,

Great you searched it in Google, nice story, isn't it?
You can also search for the following text an anthropologist, Marvin Harris, wrote some time ago "Cannibals and Kings", where it says something that we talk about here. Most of the time our specie has been on Earth, we have sought to meet needs in the short term, not in the long one.

Sure we'll keep in touch.


Earth on The Brink of Mass Extinction

Here is another article showing the depletion of our earths resources and how quickly it is happening.

Thanks Ann!

Quite interesting. A slowdown in our current rate of consumption is definitely needed.


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